Exclusive R&M Content from TAPPI and IDCON

A New Resource for Reliability & Maintenance Professionals

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For more than a decade, TAPPI has partnered with IDCON to provide valuable information about reliability and maintenance issues in the pulp and paper industry. That partnership has extended to include a dedicated R&M website with valuable additional content, a new section in Paper360°, TAPPI’s official member magazine, as well as a free newsletter, online communities, and events.

In order to provide TAPPI members and Paper360° readers specialized R&M information they can use in their mills, it makes sense to turn to the experts. Members and readers are now offered information delivered straight to their desktops (both physical and virtual!).

We’ve heard for years that TAPPI members and Paper360° readers want specialized R&M information they can really use in their mills—and it makes sense for TAPPI to turn to the experts to provide it. Some of the latest articles include the OPTALIGN touch system launch announcement and new HDPE cooling towers

For more information about the partnership, please contact Ben Hopper at [email protected].

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