Introducing TAPPI Connect Mentor Match

Introducing TAPPI Connect Mentor Match

In April, TAPPI will launch the TAPPI Connect Mentor Match program, providing a new, valuable platform – open to and exclusively for members – that will connect students and young professionals (protégés) with experienced professionals (mentors) to share resources and experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

TAPPI Connect Mentor Match will offer anyone who participates with a type of real world education that is often not available in academic settings.

The first round of sign-ups for mentors will take place April 3-26, 2017.   Then, protégés will sign up April 23-May 10, 2017.   Mentor Matches will be connected for approximately six months and participants can communicate however they choose: through TAPPI Connect , phone, Skype or email.  

At the start of a mentor match, participants will join a kick off call and then additional meetings will take place at set intervals to assure regular communication.  Using an easy online application, protégés will complete a form upfront to use as way to focus the mentorship period. TAPPI will recommend that mentors and protégés spend one hour connecting each month.

Look for emails and announcements in early April.  

Not a part of TAPPI Connect Yet?  Learn more about using TAPPI Connect to collaborate, share knowledge, problem solve and expand your  personal and professional networks.

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