Enhance Your Corrugated Knowledge with These Back-to-Back Courses

Enhance Your Corrugated Knowledge with These Back-to-Back Courses

Our training programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the forest products industries’ workforce. The upcoming Introduction to Corrugated and Advanced Bonding courses offer attendees the opportunity to gain comprehensive corrugated training.

Introduction to Corrugated
August 1, 2017

Our Introduction to Corrugated course provides corrugated industry professionals the opportunity to increase their understanding of the corrugated process, linerboard and medium performance properties and manufacturing. 

This introductory to intermediate level course covers:

  • The corrugating process, with the focus on corrugating equipment and operations, and how to achieve a stronger bond between the liner and medium
  • Linerboard & medium properties and tests; how these relate to the final box performance 
  • Overview of linerboard and medium mill manufacturing

This course is a full day dedicated to corrugated with an emphasis on “How it works” targeting personnel who desire a solid working knowledge on corrugator operations, quality inspections, process troubleshooting, and improving runnability.

The introductory course is a perfect primer for anyone attending the Advanced Bonding course, which will occur the following day.

Advanced Bonding
August 2-3, 2017

Our Advanced Bonding Course is designed to help attendees develop problem solving skills in order to simultaneously decrease downtime while increasing runnability.

After successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and list variables that impact bond quality
  • Explain why glue line width for each flute impacts bond quality
  • Perform a center rip bond test and analyze results
  • List all factors that determine starch placement of flute tip
  • Increase process troubleshooting skills
  • Explain how to maximize double-backer heat settings for proper moisture control and board quality

Space is limited to 25 participants. Reserve your seat by July 3 to save up to $100.

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