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Whether you supervise operations or work on the mill floor, the TAPPI Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Course provides the tools you need to educate yourself and others.
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Dr. Michael J. Kocurek delivers introductory and intermediate-level curriculum supported by a distinctive collection of more than 2,000 visuals.

Review the Course Schedule to see all that's packed into one of TAPPI's highest rated courses. If you're in a supervisory position, this course is also valuable in helping you educate others.

Read why this course is so well regarded:

  • "I was able to take back the content to share with others who need a refresher."
  • "The course helped me go back to work and provide trainings for all employees regarding pulp and paper."
  • "I have a better understanding and am able to talk with operators and engineers from other areas."

Take Note
The TAPPI block of discounted hotel rooms is offered through December 15.

This course is co-located in St. Petersburg, Florida with the TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Course and rooms may fill to capacity.

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