Need to Know the Fundamentals of Ink? Take this Summer Course

Learn the Fundamentals of Ink at NPIRI’s Summer Course

Attend the NPIRI Summer Course, July 15-20 at Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute and get first-hand exposure to printing presses (offset, flexo and digital).  Learn the "where, how and why" of raw materials – and the basics of ink formulation.  See state-of-the-art design and prototyping labs, and learn how regulatory issues affect printing ink in both the manufacturing and printing environments.

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This one-of-a-kind course covers the fundamentals first, then moves on to more advanced topics and is designed to support the needs of both technical (formulators, in-plants, chemists) and non-technical (sales, support personnel, anyone new to the industry) staff. 

Program Topics include:

  • Lithographic Print Process
  • Litho Paste Ink Composition
  • Energy Curable Paste Inks
  • Substrates: Paper Properties and Printability
  • Fountain Solution and Press Room Chemicals
  • Principles of Rheology and Practical Applications
  • Organic/Inorganic Pigments, Metallic and Special Effect Colorants
  • Regulatory Overview for Ink Manufacturers
  • Fundamentals of Carbon Black
  • Introduction to Color Matching and Color Management
  • Flexo and Gravure Water Based Ink

Get hands-on experience with printing presses to help maximize productivity and improve your skills:

  • Offset Press Demo
  • Viscosity Demo
  • Printability and Proofing Demo
  • Inkometer Tack Measurements Demo
  • Digital Press Demo
  • Proofing and Printability Demo

Speakers include experts from Allnex, BASF Corporation, Cabot Corporation, Clemson University, Eastman Kodak Company, Harper Corporation of America, IGT Testing Systems Inc., INX International Ink Co., US Polymers, Inksolutions LLC, Kershaw Instrumentation Inc., Kustom Group, Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc., NAPIM, Sun Chemical Corporation/North American Inks, Verso Corporation

Registration includes: 

  • 5 full days of classes
  • Evening receptions
  • All meals (except dinner July 16 and 18)
  • Daily transportation

Previous students praised the benefits to taking the Summer Course!

"The NAPIM Summer Course was a great learning experience for me; I enjoyed learning about the different processes for milling pigments into pastes, this is beneficial to my job because of the constant ink development that I am responsible for.  Learning about the different tools for measuring ink viscosities is also very significant for my personal growth. Fully understanding these tools has helped me improve on creating ink for various applications from stamp pads to inkjet printers."

- Benjamin Niederhauser, Research and Development Pilot Lab Technician for iimak

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