Jamel Lawrence Finds TAPPI Membership Beneficial to his Career

Jamel Lawrence is someone who knows the importance of customer service. He works hard to ensure his customers receive the best from Lubrizol Advanced Materials.  He also applies the same principles when he engages with youth at different career events, providing them with useful information about working in the pulp and paper industry.

He has been with the same organization for 15 years, joining the company shortly before its acquisition in 2004 by Lubrizol. Jamel’s work on product screening enables him to provide better customer service in his current position as a Technical Marketing Manager, providing superior support as they work with applying and formulating Lubrizol products. “The binder Lubrizol produces can be used in paper for air and liquid filtration used in cars, trucks, and fiberglass wallboard, and insulation used in HVAC ducting. The binders are also used as coatings for book covers, paper and masking tape, to name a few,” Jamel said.

Improving his leadership skills has been a priority for Jamel, and Lubrizol encouraged him to attend TAPPI events, become a member and take on more leadership roles, which he did through TAPPI committee involvement. “Engaging with TAPPI has led to great networking and learning opportunities,” Jamel enthusiastically says.

More specifically, those events and activities he attended that led him to membership included TAPPI’s basic hands-on workshop for the pulp and paper industry, Specialty Paper Conference, PaperCon, TAPPI Standards Committee, and the annual Fiberglass Mat Technology Committee Meeting (this year’s meeting is September 19 – 21 in Charleston, SC). “Attending has helped me to improve our application tests so they mimic those in the industry. Many issues can arise with the chemistry and physics of polymer, and I have encouraged numerous application scientists to take TAPPI’s hands-on courses,” he said.

A great deal of Jamel’s time is also spent working with tomorrow’s workforce. He recently participated in a Youth Opportunity Unlimited event and has also been involved in career fairs. In 2016, Lubrizol won an award for having the largest number of volunteers in an inaugural Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math career fair.

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