The Building Blocks of Wood – Fundamentally Good for Careers

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The Building Blocks of Wood – Fundamentally Good for Careers

Build a solid foundation in wood engineering and forest products in one easy step. Simply sign up for this year’s Introduction to Wood Science and Forest Products Course, presented by the Forest Products Society (FPS) in conjunction with Mississippi State University’s (MSU) Department of Sustainable Bioproducts, September 11 – 13, 2018, in Starkville, Mississippi. 

Register before August 13 to receive early bird registration savings. Course attendees who register by August 13 will save on registration rates, along with earning 17 CEUs.  

This comprehensive three-day course was created specifically for people in wood products manufacturing, including suppliers, consultants, claims agents, and anyone else seeking to understand trees, harvesting, and how wood is processed into today’s products. Current issues in the forest products industry, such as green building and product testing, are also covered.

Attendees will gain understanding through hands-on exercises and sessions in the state-of-the-art Forest Products and Wood Science Learning Center at MSU, as well an up-close understanding of wood processing during a mill tour

Instructors include prominent forest products educators and industry experts. Read their bios.
• Ms. Misty Booth
• Dr. Fred Franca
• Dr. Hyungsuk “Thomas” Lim
• Dr. Frank Owens
• Dr. Rubin Shmulsky 
• Dr. Beth Stokes

Among the outcomes attendees will learn:  
• Density and specific gravity of wood, how these vary from species to species, and why/how these properties impact subsequent gluing, treating, strength, stiffness, etc.
• How water and humidity impact the performance of certain products like flooring
• The nature of engineered wood products such as glue laminated timber and cross laminated timber
• Wood deterioration agents such as fungal rot, beetles and other insects, and the ways and means of protecting wood from agents of deterioration
• Strength testing and stiffness of wood in engineering design of houses and other wood structures
• Plus much more! Check out the schedule

For more information on registration, accommodations and program details, visit the course site or contact FPS Member Connection at, or call +1 855 475 0291. 

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