Local Section Honors

The Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Member Award

The Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Member Award was established to recognize outstanding leadership and exceptional service to one or more Local Sections which has resulted in significant and demonstrable benefits to Local Section members. This award is now approved by the Board Honors and Awards Committee. Each final nomination must be endorsed by one of the TAPPI Local Sections. Individuals may submit nominations to the appropriate Local Section for their consideration.

The nominee must be an individual whose outstanding leadership and exceptional service in Local Section activities have resulted in significant and measurable benefits to Section members. The contributions may be through a single activity or through an accruement of longtime efforts. The only exclusion is that no currently serving Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, or member of the section’s Awards Committee can be selected for the Outstanding Local Section Member Award. Recognition for an outgoing Section Chair is provided by a Past Section Chair's plaque. The nominee's contribution should be apparent in specific improvements made in the activities of the Local Sections. Progress and improvement may be evident in such areas as:

  • Management of the Local Section
  • Special Local Section, or District projects or task forces.
  • Public image of the Section, e.g., communications with members and potential members, general public, industry, government or academia.
  • Organizational structure of Section(s) including guidance manual, officer training and operating procedures.
  • Number and involvement of members.
  • Direct services to members and industry, e.g., publications, seminars, home study courses or standards.

All nominations endorsed by the Sections must be submitted before August 1 for the award to be presented in the upcoming calendar year. Individuals may submit suggestions for nominations directly to the appropriate Local Section. If an individual submits a nomination to TAPPI International Headquarters, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Local Section for their consideration to become its final nominee. 

Common nomination form (PDF Download)

Certificate of Outstanding Merit
The Certificate of Outstanding Merit was established to recognize an individual for outstanding and exemplary service to the Member Group. A nominee should be an individual whose leadership and/or technical contributions to the member group have been above and beyond the routine "call of duty." Typically, nominees will have been long, active members of the awarding member groups who have made significant contributions, such as being editor of a technical publication or chair of a successful, long-term short course or seminar. Unsuccessful nominees for a Division Technical Award, Division Leadership and Service Award or the Outstanding Local Section Member Award may be appropriate candidates.

Certificates of Appreciation
Certificates of Appreciation are automatically presented to member group chairs or officers upon completion of their term of office to express appreciation for their volunteer leadership.

Certificates of Recognition
Certificates of Recognition are available to Divisions, Local Sections, Committees, and other Member Groups for presentation to individuals that have made special contributions to Division, Local Section, or Committee work, but who would not normally qualify for the automatic Certificate of Appreciation, the Certificate of Outstanding Merit, or other higher honor. Division, Local Section, or Committee chairs may request these certificates through their appropriate TAPPI Staff Liaison. Some contributions for consideration would include: (1) Authoring/presenting a paper at a conference, short course, or seminar; (2) serving as task group chairman for a routine assignment; or (3) serving in an officer position such as publicity chairman or technical program chairman. 

Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Member Award Winners

2017: Glenn Hanson  

2015: Elizabeth Etheridge
2014: Clark Schabo
2013: Daniel M. McGuire
2012: Mark V. Nelson (Lake States)
2010: Scott Frasca (Northest PIMA/Maine-New Hampshire TAPPI)
2009: M. Andrew Easley (Gulf Coast Section)
2008: Lee Coutemanche (Southeastern)
2006: Sandra M. Lenz (Lake States Section)
2004: Douglas J. Muller (Chicago Section)
2003: Jeffrey A. Smith (Gulf Coast Section)

Outstanding Local Section Member Award Winners

2000: Marc A. Toigo (Lake States Section)
1999: Charles H. Power (Southeastern)
1998: John D. McInnes (Lake States)
1998: Ronald I. Lund (Chicago)
1997: G. Gordon Bugg (Gulf Coast)
1996: Harold J. Euson (South Central)
1995: Stanley W. Trosset, Jr. (Ohio)
1995: Ray C. Smith (Virginia-Carolina)
1995: Richard H. Olsen (Chicago/South Central)
1994: Nancy C. McDonnell (Ohio)
1994: Larry I. Graham (Lake States)
1993: William S. Fuller(Pacific)
1993: Gregory C. Landry (Gulf Coast)
1992: Robert C. Whitney (Maine-New Hampshire)
1992: Gerald J. Heitpas (Southwest)
1991: Philip J. Arthur (Empire State)
1991: E. Ray Woodward (Pacific)
1991: Hardev S. Dugal (Lake States)
1991: Kyosti Sarkanen-Posthumous (Pacific)
1991: Michael C. Peters (Ohio)
1990: Rolf Nicolai (Southern California)
1990: Orval L. Rautman (Lake States)
1990: Spencer W. Eachus (Metropolitan)
1990: Donald J. Droesehn (New England)
1989: Paul W. Magnabosco (Virginia-Carolina)
1989: Donald A. Holt (Southern California)
1988: Robert M. Lippincott (Southwest)
1987: Joseph C. Holzinger (New England)
1986: Daniel V. Lent (LSOC)
1986: James E. Beatty (Lake States)
1985: Jeffrey E. Jacobs (Southern California)
1983: John R. Peckham (Lake States)
1982: Francis J. Foley (Empire State)
1981: Michael P. Galen (Southern California)

2017 Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Award

Glenn Hanson of Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group to Receive TAPPI Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Award

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