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VTT Develops Stand-up Pouches from Renewable Raw Materials, Nanocellulose (3/16/2017)

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed lightweight 100% bio-based stand-up pouches with high technical performance. High performance in both oxygen, grease, and mineral oil barrier properties has been reached by using different biobased coatings on paper substrate. The pouches exploit VTT’s patent pending high consistency enzymatic fibrillation of cellulose (HefCel) technology. 

Pöyry, Betulium Sign Bio-Based Business Cooperation Agreement (8/31/2017)

Finland-based Pöyry and Betulium have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for co-operation that will enable both companies to serve their clients better in bio-based businesses.

Scientists Create Touch-Powered Paper Platform for Microfluidic POC Diagnostics (8/30/2017)

According to an article published Aug. 23, 2017, in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, scientists at Purdue University have developed a self-contained point-of-care diagnostic device that is made completely from paper, is powered by the user’s touch, and provides easy-to-read color-coded results.

Vacuum Dewatering: A Successful Method for Nanocellulose Tests (11/06/2017)

Laboratory drainage tests become difficult for suspensions containing a large proportion of fines or nanocellulose due to the small sizes of these elements. Ten years ago, scientific studies proved that vacuum dewatering is the best method in these cases. 

Kadant Solutions Introduces Ultimate Blade Line (7/19/2017)

High-performance doctoring blades incorporate nanotechnology-enhanced resins.

Pöyry, Betulium Sign Bio-Based Business Cooperation Agreement (6/23/2017)

Agreement will unlock full value chain benefits for clients in bio-based businesses, especially in the field of nanocellulose for composites, plastics, and similar materials as well as for wood-based nanocellulose and material testing in both the forest and chemical industries.

Bacterial Nanocellulose Can Be Strength Enhancer in Board, Textiles, Bioplastics (5/01/2018)

Different types of nanocellulose can give new and improved characteristics to a number of different materials.

Klabin Acquires Interest in Israeli Startup Melodea (2/12/2018)

Melodea is a pioneer in the technology for extracting cellulose nanocrystalline (CNC), a 100% biobased and renewable product.

Stora Enso Invests Further in Commercialization of Microfibrillated Cellulose in Paper (1/12/2017)

Stora Enso (Helsinki, Finland) announced yesterday (July 11) the company is investing a total of EUR 9.1 million into its consumer board mills in Imatra and Ingerois, Finland, and Fors, Sweden, to continue the commercialization of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and to accelerate product development.

New Major Nanocellulose Project Starting in Northern Sweden (2/15/2017)

With the aim to establish production of crystalline nanocellulose (CNC), a project will be started for development of the test bed TinyBTalented and new applications on a large scale. With a budget of SEK 8 million, the project also aims to establish working methods for future application development. SP Processum will be acting as project leader for this project, several participants, including Holmen, Melodea, Mid Sweden University, MoRe Research, Organofuel, RISE Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces, as well as S2Medical, SEKAB E-Technology, and Tetra Pak

Dr. Rosén Awarded Alf de Ruvo Scholarship (1/31/2017)

Dr. Tomas Rosén’s studies into the dynamics of cellulose nanofibrils secured him this year’s Alf de Ruvo scholarship, established in memory of SCA (Sweden) employee Alf de Ruvo. His findings offer the potential to develop new ways of making cellulose materials that could, one day, replace fossil based material.

Nippon Paper to Build CNF-Reinforced Resin Demonstration Plant at Fuji Mill (1/10/2017)

Nippon Paper Industries Co. (NPI), Japan, announced that it will build a demonstration plant at Fuji Mill (Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan) to promote practical applications of CNF-reinforced resin. CNF-reinforced resin is obtained by mixing CNF into resin, such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and nylon. The facility is scheduled to start its operation in June 2017. The annual production of CNF-reinforced resin will be more than 10 metric tons. Samples will be provided for various area of industries, including automobiles, building materials, and home appliances.

Fuji Pigment Establishes Manufacturing Process for CNF Composite Material (6/13/2017)

Fuji Pigment Co., Japan, has established a process for manufacturing Cellulose Nanofiber in water and organic solvent (e.g., alcohol, glycol ether, pyrrolidone-based solvent etc.). 

Frost & Sullivan Names DuPont Industrial Biosciences European Company of Year (6/20/2017)

Award recognizes DuPont's success in offering the industry's most innovative bio-based materials, design, and management. 

Purdue Researchers Find New Use for Cellulose

The production process preserves the strength and biodegradability of cellulose while rendering it transparent and flexible. Cellulose infused with zinc chloride has calcium ions added to cause the cellulose chains to become tiny fibers known as nanofibrils, greatly increasing the material’s tensile strength.

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