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T 402 sp-13 Standard conditioning and testing atmospheres for paper, board, pulp handsheets, and related products


Alakaline Pulping

T 692 om-13 Determination of suspended solids in kraft green and white liquors


Chemical Properties

T 408 cm-07 Rosin in paper and paperboard

T 255 cm-07 Water-soluble sulfates in pulp and paper

T 256 cm-07 Water-soluble chlorides in pulp and paper

T 245 cm-07 Silicates and silica in pulp (wet ash method)

T 676 cm-08 Viscosity of starch and starch products

T 428 om-13 Hot water extractable acidity or alkalinity of paper

T 406 om-13 Reducible sulfur in paper and paperboard

T 237 cm-08 Carboxyl content of pulp


Fiberboard Shipping Containers

T 834 om-12 Determination of containerboard roll hardness

T 839 om-12 Edgewise compressive strength of corrugated fiberboard using the clamp method (short column test)

T 826 om-13 Short span compressive strength of containerboard

T 812 om-13 Ply separation of solid and corrugated fiberboard (wet)

T 836 om-13 Bending stiffness, four point method


Fillers and Pigments

T 657 sp-12 Sampling of fillers and pigments


Optical Properties

T 272 sp-12 Forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp (sheet machine procedure)

T 1500 gl-12 Optical measurements terminology (related to appearance evaluation of paper)

T 527 om-13 Color of paper and paperboard (d/0, C/2)

T 524 om-13 Color of paper and paperboard (45/0, C/2)


Physical Properties

T 530 om-12 Size test for paper by ink resistance (Hercules-type method)

T 547 om-12 Air permeance of paper and paperboard (Sheffield method)

T 536 om-12 Resistance of paper to passage of air (high-pressure Gurley method)

T 520 cm-07 Curl of gummed flat paper

T 502 cm-07 Equilibrium relative humidity of paper and paperboard

T 500 cm-07 Book bulk and bulking number of paper

T 423 cm-07 Folding endurance of paper (Schopper-type tester)

T 580 pm-12 Thickness (caliper) of towel, tissue, napkins and facial products

T 414 om-12 Internal tearing resistance of paper (Elmendorf-type method)

T 551 om-12 Thickness of paper and paperboard (soft platen method)

T 512 sp-12 Creasing of flexible packaging material paper specimens for testing

T 437 om-12 Dirt in paper and paperboard

T 575 om-12 Roughness of paper and paperboard, stylus (Emveco-type) method

T 410 om-13 Grammage of paper and paperboard (weight per unit area)

T 496 sp-13 Specimen preparation for cross directional internal tearing resistance for paper, paperboard and related materials

T 441 om-13 Water absorptiveness of sized (non-bibulous) paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard (Cobb test)

T 572 sp-13 Accelerated pollutant aging of printing and writing paper by pollution chamber exposure apparatus

T 549 om-13 Coefficients of static and kinetic friction of uncoated writing and printing paper by use of the horizontal plane method

T 491 om-13 Water immersion number of paperboard

T 453 sp-13 Effect of dry heat on properties of paper and board

T 544 cm-08 Aging of paper and board with moist heat

T 577 om-13 Score bend test

T 494 om-13 Tensile properties of paper and paperboard (using constant rate of elongation apparatus)

T 459 om-13 Surface strength of paper (wax pick test)

T 550 om-13 Determination of equilibrium moisture in pulp, paper and paperboard for chemical analysis

T 511 om-13 Folding endurance of paper (MIT tester)


Pulp Properties

T 568 om-12 Physical area of sub-visible contraries in pulp, paper, and paperboard by image analysis

T 275 sp-12 Screening of pulp (Somerville-type equipment)

T 264 cm-07 Preparation of wood for chemical analysis

T 231 cm-07 Zero-span breaking strength of pulp (dry zero-span tensile)

T 205 sp-12 Forming handsheets for physical tests of pulp

T 271 om-12 Fiber length of pulp and paper by automated optical analyzer using polarized light

T 282 om-13 Hexeneuronic acid content of chemical pulp

T 268 om-13 Weight-volume measurement of pulpwood

T 230 om-13 Viscosity of pulp (capillary viscometer method)

T 274 sp-13 Laboratory screening of pulp (MasterScreen-type instrument)

T 207 cm-08 Water solubility of wood and pulp

T 236 om-13 Kappa number of pulp